The campus is one of the biggest schools in North America, over half the Island in itself is used for classrooms, sports fields, and school buildings. There are two lakes within the boundries of the campus- one behind the two Dorm Buildings and then the other in the forest near the mountain more towards the center of the Island. There are also different types of housing that fall within the Academy's boardings but those are for the guests of the campus and faculty. However, although the Academy has a lot of mundane feaures, it also has a lot of paranormal features.

The Oddities of the CampusEdit

Celestial Academy was built for a variety of reasons by the Headmistress. She built the establishment without the Counsul approval first off and when the building was done she informed them that she intended for the school to be a sanctuary for all supernatural types- along with humans. The purpose? To help the Supernatural World blend in better with the Modern one. To show that humans could be trusted and also to help the shaky bonds between species soldify and turn into friendships.

However, there were a few conditions to the school being finished. The first was of the Headmistress's own design. A seal to prevent any species that dwelt on her campus from dying. With herself as the focal point. The only way the curse could be broken was if the caster were to die... and the Headmistress was an Undead Creature. A Creature that could not die as they had already died before. Her human spirit was thrust into her dead corpse- and because of what she was originally, she did not rot like most ghouls did and it was harder to kill her. The rest of the seal had to have the blood of each Alpha of each species to be spilt. So for the Weres, those turned by the first Werewolf were forced to bleed as part of the seal and so forth. Eventually Laura managed to track a majority of the species that were represented by the Consul and the seal was made. Expanding over all the parts of the campus save the forest that surrounded it and the lake and mountain.

Unknowingly, another spell was cast recently, causing it so that any human who found out about the Supernatural community would be fated to die. That bad things would keep occuring until they were turned into a Supernatural, they died, or somehow the curse on them was broken (which would be by Laura's death so far). So far the spell cast on campus has managed to keep the humans from dying that have found out about the Supernaturals (only Genevieve Godot so far) but has not been able to deter malicious intents against them.

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