Off the coast of Northern California (fictional mind you), there is an island known as Celestial Island. Owned by the Cassiel Sibilings (Laura Hann included), it was built upon and a portion of it was turned into a school for public use. Many rumors surround the school and it's shady history.

Celestial Island's PastEdit

To the locals of Orion (the fictional city that is part of the mainland), there are a lot of stories told about the Island since before the 1820's. There were tales about how Pirates used the Island to store their treasures, that the island was used as a location of helping those using the Underground railroad, and was also used as a speakeasy.

What the locals didn't know, was that the Island had been bought and owned as soon as the rights were available by a prominant English family known as the Cassiels. The "couple" then gave the rights to their children to do with what they wanted with it.

Important Aspects of the IslandEdit

The Island holds and hides many secrets, but perhaps the most prominant secret is that the Island happens to be the point and intersect of many of the ley lines that run through the world. In this case, the formation of the Island seems to become a "converging" point in which allows other realms to seep into our own... and create "gates" into other realms more easily.

The Ley Lines also attracts supernaturals, enhancing their abilities, strengthening them, and even keeping the more unstable abilities in check. Some of the rarest creatures reside on the Island as members of the Academy or in refuges established by the Cassiel Siblings.

The gates mentioned earlier are as follows: the Hells Gate, Gate to Paradise (Purgatory), and Heaven's Gate. Only there are two gates known at this time and those being "Hell's Gate" and "Gate to Paradise". The Hell's Gate is located within the tunnels underneath the Academy (which run all the way to the city of Orion) while the Gate to Paradise is located at the base of the Mountain in the middle of the Island near the lake. The Heaven's Gate is located at the very top of said mountain.

Celestial Lake, the most prominant lake on the Island and the only lake that students have access to- has a portal within the very center of the lake that only those with certain... qualifications can have access to. This portal is the point of access to the realm of Avalon.